Arriving and the first impressions

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) located 40 km north of Bangkok. The trip costed 500 baht (1 baht = 8 HUF or 1 USD = 35 baht).

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Fly and the first night in Bangkok

The big day came. It’s January 1, the plane departs at 14:40 pm from the Liszt Ferenc International Airport. After 7 years this will be the first time spending more than a few days without Zsófi, so the farewell was quite difficult.

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I am a really patient guy. The conversations I’ve made with the Thai’s so far went in a really positive way, they are very helpful. Unfortunately the first time when I get in contact with a Hungarian administrator went in the opposite way.

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Administration Quick Guide

Hereby I like to summarize what I did in the past two months and what documents are needed. I think the process should be almost the same if your plan is to go to Europe (except the Visa process but I will talk about that later). So:

  • Contact with the university abroad;
  • Fill out the Erasmus Learning Agreement, send it out and wait for getting back signed;
  • Life insurance;
  • Erasmus contract;
  • Fill out the application documents (sometimes online);
  • Letter of Recommendation from two persons (one of them should be a professor at your sending university);
  • Certificate of Health by your family doctor;
  • Financial Acceptance Form to prove your financial compliance; and
  • A lot of patience and waiting time.

After all of these documents finally, I was able to start the Visa application process.

About myself

I’d like to introduce myself to who do not know me.

I’m 27, Civil Engineer bachelor. I study in Győr, at the Széchenyi István University as a master in the field of Infrastructure Engineering. I work at the same place where I study as a technical assistant. The great plan is to stay here after graduation for the doctoral program. The story in one picture seems like this:


We are together with my girlfriend now for 8 years. We have a little bunny since 2011, her name is Molly.

Probably you have a question; why study in Thailand? The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is one of the best Asian Universities. They got a really international education system, more than 2000 students from around 58 countries are studying there.

My main goal is, of course, to improve my English, in addition, I would like to study something I can not at home (or at least not in that way).


Disclaimer: everything written from now happened between January-June 2016.

At first: my English is not perfect, I apologize. Anyway, I’m trying to improve myself and I hope that this blog will help me a lot.

The big question… Why did I start to write this blog?

I will learn in Thailand in the next couple of month at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). I’m writing this for all of my relatives and friends at home, and of course for myself.

The plan is that I will write about the “how” and what comes to my mind, maybe I can give some advice for someone. Let’s start it.